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Wedding Print Ad



Entertainment Cruises



Here are 2 different approaches to appeal to those who are considering a wedding on the Odyssey, the most elegant option at Entertainment Cruises. The right ad actually came first and was a new direction at the time for the company with the experimentation of minimal copy and pictures. Taking the minimalist idea a bit further I recently created the ad on the left. With just the necessary amount of copy and one really powerful image I was able to convey a real emotional aspect that had been missing previously. The image is from an actual wedding on the Odyssey although I did go in and duotone the city background so that the couple would be the focus. Notice that there is no image of the boat in the ad. There is just a small dingbat of the boat at the bottom above the logo. This was a first for Entertainment Cruises and was well received by both the company and the public.