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Specialty Cruise Posters



Entertainment Cruises



These 2 posters are “one-offs”, meaning that they were for specialty promotions, so I was able to bend the usual strict brand guidelines without breaking them completely.


The poster on the left was for the Venetian Night boat parade in Chicago. At this event boats dress themselves up in lights and other decorations and parade on the lake. For this poster I wanted to reflect the artistry of the boat decorations in the design. I decided on a hand-done watercolor effect which I achieved by combining Illustrator and Photoshop while following traditional watercolor techniques. Because of the massive detour from the traditional company style this poster has become a favorite among all who see it.


The right poster was for a comedy cruise on the Mystic Blue. The neon marquee was a labor of love and created using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. To tie the marquee into the branding I kept the blue hues of the brand and introduced other brand elements like the logo and blue circles. For the bottom section I went with traditional stand-up comedy imagery like the brick wall and the microphone. Did you notice the smiling moon? This specialty cruise was such a success that it has since become a recurring sold out event.