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Microsoft PowerPoint Theme Template






This was a very rare and unique opportunity. Microsoft was contacting leading professional speakers and keynote presenters whose presentations and materials had impressed them. They wanted to reach out to these individuals' graphic designers as an outside approach to creating some of their templates. These templates would be included in an expansion pack for their PowerPoint application. My client at Generational Insights generously turned them over to me and I graciously accepted.

I'll be honest, I really didn't know PowerPoint at the time but I assumed that I could pick it up pretty quickly. And I did. I'd say I got to know it pretty thoroughly over a weekend.

My approach was to build a template that was different from all the cold, hard, business-like templates I was seeing at the time. I wanted something that reflected a human element that was missing from the rest. I started with seven different custom, distressed, retro, base backgrounds to choose from to add more variety than usual. For additional variety I included multiple hand painted frames of various sizes and shapes for pictures, text or graphics. As bullet points are a key feature in most presentations I even created custom painted bullets so that they matched the theme. To try to match presentation personalities I created all of this in four different contemporary color schemes.

What you are seeing uses helvetica throughout. I was limited to fonts that came installed on PCs. This was just to be able to show how the template laid out in default. The end used could substitute what ever font they wanted although a sans serif was recommended. There were notes in the template as to how to use it most effectively.

One final note... the original client at Generational Insights liked it so much that he was a little upset that I didn't create it for him.